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Encouraging Environments

Our classrooms feature excellent facilities with a capable, caring, and attentive staff. A variety of developmental programs are offered according to the specific needs of your child, including progressive and traditional methods of early childhood education.

The goal is for your child to reach his or her fullest potential in a creative, engaging, and profound way. Successful learning is achieved through cooperation and open communication between teacher and parent. As a team, your child’s teacher and you will discuss development, style of learning, and necessities in order to compose an adequate learning program. Unique teaching strategies specifically designed for your little one, along with an emerging curriculum, will help guide their accomplishments and schooling. An emerging curriculum (method credited to Emilia Reggio) entails lesson plans based on your child’s interests and capabilities. Waldorf education is another method routinely used where all implemented activities help foster creativity, imagination, and knowledge. Some activities include, but are not limited to: baking, painting, storytelling, and singing. For evaluation purposes, Ages & Stages © ( is the go-to system to track the developmental milestones of your child.

All children are lovingly welcomed to the classroom. If your child presents a certain disability, steps will be taken in order promote their integration and guarantee a favorable learning experience. Your child’s teacher will require knowledge of routine care needs, individual assessments, and developmental levels. Remember that integration and education is an ongoing process and will require establishment of a partnership between you and staff members in order to set attainable goals for your child.

Don’t hesitate to contribute to your young one’s childhood education through a well-thought and proven curriculum with amazing personnel. The first six years of your child’s life are fundamental; give them a head start in learning!