Infant Care Program

6 Weeks - 15 months

Our Infant Care Program includes all children from six weeks of age to fifteen months and is specifically designed to meet every need an infant manifests as he or she is developing during this period. Classroom spaces positively favor and enrich emerging abilities: sensory, gross and small motor skills, sound and language development, along with cognitive growth.

Our bright cheerful classroom is equipped with all the necessities your baby requires, as well as on-site preparation of food. The variety and quantity of food is classified according to age-appropriate stages and include cereal, strained food, table food, and juice. The Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc. follows the USDA daily food intake recommendations but will also model after your pediatrician’s guidelines and your particular desires. All that is required is breast milk or powdered formula while you rest assured your little one will receive excellent nutrition in a timely manner.

Your baby will have their very own crib with a personal set of age-appropriate bedding. No bedding from home is allowed into the center. The cribs are sanitized daily and bedding is laundered on-site. Equipment and toys are cleaned and disinfected after each use, as well as large motor equipment.

You will be asked to complete a daily report sheet each morning when you arrive that will provide our staff with basic information. The sheet will cover data about last feeding, how baby slept the night prior, and any notifications you may think pertinent. In turn, our diligent staff will document all your baby’s activities, nutritional intakes, excrements, and miscellaneous updates. Our center strictly forbids leaving car seats or diaper bags in the facility in order to maintain adequate pest control procedures and avoid the entrance of dangerous items such as medicines. Please contact the director if you have any questions or desire further explanation.

Our developmental programs vary from traditional to more progressive methods of early education. Your child is in the earliest stage of learning and requires consistent interaction and safe opportunities for exploration to effectively expand his or her abilities. They will find both in Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc. with an attentive and well-trained staff. We are proud to partner with igrow © (, as well as the Kane County Maternal – Child Home Visitation Program, and look forward to building further partnerships within our community with several agencies designed to assist families and children alike.

Each member of our personnel is trained in the following categories: infant, child, adult, and two-man CPR, and first aid measures. We are also directly connected with the Elgin Police and Fire Departments for emergency response purposes.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, don’t hesitate in contacting our Center Director and you shall be attended to promptly. We welcome you and your family to ours.

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Testimonials About The Ivy Academy

When we found The Ivy Academy from the beginning we liked the treatment that Ms. Amy gave us. Our daughter Betsy is special care, she felt comfortable with the teachers and the atmosphere there in the nursery. Our other son Damian has been here since the age of 6 here he learned many things from numbers, letters, and colors. This has served him a lot in his development. My wife Erika and I are very pleased to have them here at The Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc.

Moya Rodriguez Family

Moya Rodriguez Family

You and your team have created an AMAZING place that will have a lasting impact on children’s lives, families, and our community. What an incredible heart you have!

Jeanette Mihalec

As every mother would, I definitely was looking for a school that I could rely on. Trusting your child in someone else’s hands isn’t easy, however Little birdies proved that I can be calm about my kid’s wellbeing and education. Thank you so much!

Deanna Moore