Classroom Preschool

Classroom Preschool

2 years old - 3 years old

Our Classroom Preschool Program allows for enriched learning in children 2 to 3 years of age under the careful guidance of skilled teachers. Every educator in the Ivy Academy has obtained their college degree in Early Childhood Education, making them perfect candidates for the job at hand. Our preschool group accepts a maximum of 15 children, which lets teachers work with each child individually throughout the day as needed. The classroom itself is specially designed and distributed into areas where multiple activities can occur at the same moment, permitting growth and development in each child in a more relaxed environment.

Your child is at a stage where he or she has begun to demand more independence and expresses their very own personality and desires (For example, the frequent use of the word “no”). Teachers understand this natural phenomenon and are extra patient with your child’s need to explore self-help skills, as well as their own capabilities and limits. Your young preschooler will begin practicing, under the guidance of watchful teachers all of the following activities: dressing and undressing themselves, toileting, feeding themselves, setting the table, brushing their teeth, washing their hands, organizing/categorizing and picking up toys, and so much more! The staff is mindful of possible accidents, liked spilled liquids or toilet mishaps, and will tenderly attend to your child without repercussions. Continue reading to find out how your child learns at this age, and to receive a detailed description of the curriculum for our Pre II Classroom.

How Young Children Learn

Young children learn by doing. Learning is a complex process that results from the interaction of children’s own thinking and their experiences in the external world. Maturation is an important contributor to learning because it provides a framework from which children’s learning proceeds. As a child gets older, they acquire new skills and experiences that facilitate the learning process. Physical and cognitive growth leads to better handling and exploration of their surroundings and an improved understanding of others.

The way young children learn to determine how teachers from the Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc. teach. It is a common misconception to define the word “teach” as the simple act of giving information. Teaching requires more than verbal instruction. It is necessary for adults to act as guides or facilitators. The teacher is responsible for preparing the environment in such a way that it will provide stimulating, challenging materials, and activities for your child. During these moments, the teacher will closely observe to see what your child understands and pose additional challenges to push his or her thinking further. The key is balancing expectations; they cannot be too low or too high.

Two & three year olds are no longer toddlers but will behave as such unexpectedly. Other times, their language ability and motor skills will deceptively mimic a 4 year old child. In order to care for and educate a group of 2 to 3 year olds, educators must fully understand the developmental continuum from toddlerhood through preschool. All teachers in this academy comply with this requirment and more. All caregivers are affectionate and supportive, comforting children when they cry and reassuring them when fearful. Teachers plan experiences that alleviate children’s fears and support play & independence.

Art expression is part of the planned activities where your child will freely explore distinct materials like crayon, brushes, paints, markers, play dough, blunt scissors, and more. Goals to foster gross and fine motor skills play another major role in our curriculum. Your child will have access to puzzles, pegboards, beads to string, construction sets, among other engaging materials.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for your child to safely, freely, and loudly explore outdoor environments, exercising his or her large and small muscles in the meantime. They will be able to explore their running, jumping, and balancing skills, along with additional actions in a protected setting. With the right atmosphere and qualified teachers as an advantage, your child’s natural curiosity and desire to make sense of the world will motivate him or her to become involved in learning activities.

We strive to meet the expectations of your family, and pride ourselves in our ability to find the right combination of tools to assist your child in the ever growing process of learning. Please always feel welcome to “sit in” on your child’s class, or ask for an appointment with the teacher at any time!

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Testimonials About The Ivy Academy

When we found The Ivy Academy from the beginning we liked the treatment that Ms. Amy gave us. Our daughter Betsy is special care, she felt comfortable with the teachers and the atmosphere there in the nursery. Our other son Damian has been here since the age of 6 here he learned many things from numbers, letters, and colors. This has served him a lot in his development. My wife Erika and I are very pleased to have them here at The Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc.

Moya Rodriguez Family

Moya Rodriguez Family

You and your team have created an AMAZING place that will have a lasting impact on children’s lives, families, and our community. What an incredible heart you have!

Jeanette Mihalec

As every mother would, I definitely was looking for a school that I could rely on. Trusting your child in someone else’s hands isn’t easy, however Little birdies proved that I can be calm about my kid’s wellbeing and education. Thank you so much!

Deanna Moore