15 months - 2 years old

Our toddler classroom warmly welcomes you and your child to partake in a pleasant atmosphere sensitive to separation anxiety felt by parents and children alike. Our professional teachers and teacher’s assistants will greet you both in a positive manner, promoting your child’s self-esteem and creating a welcoming environment for all. Feel free to enter the classroom and stay as long as you wish. Make sure to use the phrase “good bye” and exit the class when you are ready to leave and trust that our personnel will provide the best care.

You will be asked to complete a daily report sheet each morning when you arrive that will provide our staff with basic information. The sheet will cover data about last feeding, how toddler slept the night prior, and any notifications you may think pertinent. In turn, our diligent staff will document all your toddler’s activities, nutritional intakes, excrements, and updates on supplies.

The Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc. prepares all food here on-site following USDA daily food intake recommendations and guidelines, contributing to the health of your child and providing a model for good nutritional habits for life-long practice. Food served will be appropriate for your child’s ability, stage of progression, and age. In addition, mealtimes are relaxed, carefully supervised, and can be scheduled to meet your child’s individual needs.

You will find all classroom furnishings to be comfortable, supportive, and toddler-sized, which allows them to focus on developing self-help skills. Teaching spaces are easily accessible and encourage exploration & independence. Your child has the liberty to choose among numerous play materials that are strategically stored at their level. There are also furnishings and toys that permit opportunities for daily relaxation and comfort. These cozy areas provide a place for quiet activities, like book reading, to occur and are “protected” from active play so your child can snuggle, daydream, and lounge.

Naptime is scheduled to suit the individual needs of your child. Each toddler has his or her own cot separated from others to help prevent the spread of germs. No bedding from home will be allowed into the center. The cots are sanitized each day, and bedding is laundered on site. All equipment and toys are cleaned and disinfected after every use, along with large motor furniture.

At The Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc. our teachers are carefully trained to avert potential health problems and promote positive hygiene habits. Young children are especially vulnerable to illnesses; therefore our staff members are always at an alert to handle any health needs. Preventive measures, like properly washing hands after wiping runny noses, are practiced with consistency. The spread of germs is minimized by providing children with clean toys and sanitized classroom surfaces. Protecting children’s health includes taking appropriate actions in removing sick children from contact with others. If your child becomes ill at school, we will immediately contact you and will attend to your child one on one until you arrive. We might ask you to provide us with a change of clothes if needed while soiled apparel will be laundered on-site.

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Testimonials About The Ivy Academy

When we found The Ivy Academy from the beginning we liked the treatment that Ms. Amy gave us. Our daughter Betsy is special care, she felt comfortable with the teachers and the atmosphere there in the nursery. Our other son Damian has been here since the age of 6 here he learned many things from numbers, letters, and colors. This has served him a lot in his development. My wife Erika and I are very pleased to have them here at The Ivy Academy of Early Learning Inc.

Moya Rodriguez Family

Moya Rodriguez Family

You and your team have created an AMAZING place that will have a lasting impact on children’s lives, families, and our community. What an incredible heart you have!

Jeanette Mihalec

As every mother would, I definitely was looking for a school that I could rely on. Trusting your child in someone else’s hands isn’t easy, however Little birdies proved that I can be calm about my kid’s wellbeing and education. Thank you so much!

Deanna Moore