Karina Cortez

Teacher/ Office Assistant

Karina Cortez was born in Chicago and was raised in Elgin. Karina is the oldest of three children and has a three-year-old of her own. “A lovely boy that keeps me on my toes. Being part of my students’ life, taking care of my own family and teaching younger children at my church it all keeps me busy. But at the end of the day, I have no regrets on how I spend my days.”

Ms. Cortez continued her education and graduated early from Streamwood High School. Ms. Cortez continued her career and is currently studying at Elgin Community College. Karina plans to transfer to Judson University to get her Master’s degree in Early Education. Ms. Cortez is also taking in services to keep her educated in the Early Childhood Education program.

Ms. Cortez has been part of the Ivy Academy staff for more than three years and enjoys seeing all her students grow and develop all type of skills. Ms. Cortez started working in the infant and toddler room as a teacher’s, became a teacher, and is now the office assistant. She loves being part of her students’ first precious moments. During high school, she volunteered to help in a pre-kinder class. Those same years she observed at different elementary schools in Streamwood and continued to be part of the class for about a year and a half. That year, she realized how big her passion of working with children was. She takes pride in being part of such a diverse environment at the Ivy academy, and hopes to make a greater impact on our future leaders.