April Slater

Co-Director / Curriculum Director

April Slater was born in Chicago and raised in Hoffman Estates for the last 20 years. April is a mother to two wonderful boys whom she loves very much and bring joy to her life. They have not only made her more responsible but they have brought so much excitement to her life. They definitely keep her on her toes and on track.

Ms. Slater has extensive experience with children. On her free time, volunteered at many elementary schools and is now into her third year of employment with the Ivy Academy. April enjoys working with children. Her patience and compassion allow her to succeed in her field.

April has worked, for over 16 years, in corporate and family owned daycares.  Ms. Slater holds her CDA and various collage classes under her belt. She lead the CDA team which allowed many of her coworkers achieve their CDA.  She is First aid, CPR certified and has her food and sanitation license. Ms. Slater enjoys her position as Curriculum Director and loves to help and teach her teachers new techniques they can use in their classroom. Ms. Slater plans on continuing her education in order to achieve an Associate in Early Childhood Development.

“I am really excited about being part of such a great environment that helps not only its students but also its teachers continue their education. “